2016 Honda Pilot Touring: Review and Road Test

Hunter might have been a bit later the SUV game but in 2003 on the launch the Honda Pilot, pretty much took off from the competitors, have been trying to catch up. Now with the relaunch 2016 Honda pilot. See behind me. How can they still have a winner here. But behind the pile of those benefit away. It’s a major fault was that it’s time to look really really old really boxy and everything. So this year for a 16 been really fun inside now. How a lot better. And while it has the same engine. We work. And there is a 3.5 liter V6 Well or power 280 and a lot more toward the 6. So as any kind of shit it feels really good when you drive that public one of the best points about the pilot of the driving it is actually quite nice the larger Vietnam. It also. Like. They’ll never be wanting the space in the back of history rose large all your gear all the people you want to put. All the things you know the car. But it still drives really well rise like.

Honda Pilot Touring

However This body of knowledge is a choice of someone got everything all the bells and whistles that also means it has a 9. This might be one of the worst. Really this conflict section. So you’re on a highway north how somebody see you. Some of them and I have to figure out which appear on potential jury wants to get that that has to go on for years to find it that’s a lot of years and a lot of time. And if you don’t want the 9 speed they’ll get the touring the rest for Honda pilot lineup come to 66. Well I better doesn’t come with a pouch of yours are you place a nice people things at least. Control yourself songwriter that. But other than that I mean driving on the pilot is actually really nice politicize so much space in the back this particular monitoring has a captaincy. Feelings one seat but don’t worry free it is actually quite nice set up and the back seat is the third row is functional though for people my size or smaller I would not recommend. More info 2016 Honda Pilot Touring headlights read at http://rentaldelight.com/honda-pilot/headlights.html.

interior Honda Pilot Touring

A larger individual sitting back there for a long time. Chrissy full that server down you get a hell of a lot of tricks bases are. With the third row up but down in the back ample space for all kinds of stuff. The interior is the only we’ve been redesigned and I’m not a huge fan of the way there system works. I find this a little bit laggy and. Not so intuitive Anderson not just. One is not turning something for volume or tuning and heard nothing. They do about it steering wheel. And then of course there’s a transition that feature buttons. Either have. For everything there is a button for Dr part. Of But then he’ll like it. But all in all 0 a really good job the redesign pilot I really liked the exterior it looks so much better. Following in the footsteps of the rest behind the line upfront rodeo recognize immediately. And it’s much more rounded now it looks much. Modern. So what’s behind the pilot but close about an idea for that one. Come into the family allies at about 35000. For about $15000 more you could have this particular place remember that story is the only one. Hi I’m Amanda Bennett but a bit and it vats and that’s a pilot and it’s super gone.

Used 2010 Dodge Dakota

Hey everyone says and hear what he’s on about a group in Chillicothe Missouri the highest rated dealership in middle America. And you can learn by by going to over 2000. So if you are looking for a trust that gives you everything you need for your work experience will family experiences will check out this 2010 Dodge Dakota has received a really nice the jet black in color. It is a massive housing headlamps here from. Cars all around your growth as it does to be fun and selfless Exxon for visibility purposes. And you make it your side of the 17 inch alloy wheels there is a lot of your life looking as tired as well as it does carry the V8 magnum and it’s a very very powerful.

 2010 Dodge DakotaFind some years on your exterior that’s explosive featured have special needs bigger trucks when you’re telling things. And then as you get and very comfortable if ray class. If mesh inserts right here. That’s all ship everything up until shipping attempts on your cruise controls right there in the acceptable on. Steering wheel new media center offers your CD stereo, right there auxiliary port so you could listen to your music. Claire climate controls, are underneath that for older transfer as well as you do have a total CC and after. New led tail lihgts and Dodge Dakota smoked headlights. Very spacious and there was absolutely love the of the school Oak apartment up pops out 3 there like a little box of tissues or. So some And then here’s a couple opened up in this area for trouble the seat up or down. Really spacious. So very comfortable appearing.

Thank you make me towards the back in a spacious back here as well it will fit 3 people of Cup holders right there this is split bench savings they could deliver this cold that up. It just popped right out really cool isn’t it. Hard to talk about even further to give you a higher compartments. It’s really really nice to have the authority to put those and any of the box. Really cool. And you make records about back you do have a ton of cover right there for a drug badging on your side. Your big one badging as well as you flex your matching and Rome. This cover religious include unlocks like fats use let let up. It does offer a deadline here very very nice quality you have similar size can really save your bed as well as you know. Looks nice, So this is what gives you everything I guess of the need for family like you have all that space inside there are those schools. Apartments there where for storage as well to have things that you need for clean bed liners tanto covers that V8 magnum and jazz up your interest in this truck or just anywhere trucks please visit our website.

Chrysler 300 front headlamp assembly

I This so this point bumpers are you going come off everything’s on Lucent’s now this one is in a court of fog lights I don’t the worry about I’m pulling any connectors on the front of that I don’t have any front accident avoidance sensor site I’ve done plug those so now I’m gonna do is worry about just pull this off and trying to be gentle with it even I and everything. Lower down there we go comes up one complete peace. We don’t have to take a lower air dam off. Was it to decide. Now we have access to a lot more components such as this headlamp assembly. Also if you’re going to be doing AC can answer this is why you’d be doing this as well. And you get to the same way. And as you can see here’s a washer bottle. So now we get access to the headlamp assembly.

2007 Chrysler 300 headlightsAs you can see in this one we’ve actually got water pull. And the conversation is. Take that off. Now has a total of. 48 millimeter boats once located here another here. Into along the bottom. Once we get those office is a matter of unplugging Chrysler 300 headlights assembly and grabbing a new one plug it in and other. So you Their replacements won’t be like. Coming up before put it in 2007 Chrysler 300 headlights. This is the one on the venture here I want to show you all the mount hope. A can of earlier sometimes easier surely off the car. Got a total of we got this one here one. 2 along the top edge. And then we’ve got. 3 and 4 along the bottom edge. And of course you get your.

Man Kennedy right here on the rear that pretty much just only connector for this skate internal wiring that goes to each one of the bolts. But the high beam low paying thigh marker stuff like that nor replace those folks you would just take the cover off it inside replace it we’re doing a whole assembly this entire simply comes with the pope’s. So now if plugins like. Nnst. I’ve been here we go with the for it no matter. And then she broke. Max. The upper Mount kind of damage on that corner. Bottom corner and then one more. Now we just need to kind of support. We take that last one off. So it doesn’t just want to fall forsworn turns going catch it but. Go ahead and. This one has a. I called to stage a lot. Scatter rich centerpiece that you need slider. And do it.

I He’s away you need to get some like a screwdriver. Slide it locked up. My tenth slot at locking split up you can squeeze the center portion. And then work on getting a connector off and there you go. Now they won’t simply be replaced so we’re going grabbed the other one. Now. Inflation just complete opposite of removal yari noted plug and. Put your 48 no matter boats around. Then within a system of possible assistance go ahead and put the front bumper cover on try not scratch the edges. Where to contact here’s a company where they don’t snap band which you get no there yellow firm tap. Snapple man. I do the treadmill Mickelson side. Plastic push pans along the federal liners form belly pan. Along upgraded his 4 to 10 male mentors that 10 millimeters on the bottom and you got your phone book cover back in place and everything should be working. Yeah alright. I showed you step by step how to replace a 2007 Chrysler 300 headlights assembly.

I don’t believe is anything that’s probably too difficult but you can handle Leno you PI guess some basic tools now feet too scared me you. You don’t want to take on the task I understand Alicia know what the mechanics can do when they have to do it and they say Hey it’s going to take this long replace assembly now you know why. Otherwise I believe you have it in you to do this job. So. I appreciate you watching this video and also. Please feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this or even anything else that you might have. Any comments suggestions. Thumbs up thumbs down. Items like that are great.

Also one thing I highly recommend subscribing because when you subscribe you’ll join part of the club you’ll be notified of all the new videos that come out important items that maybe I need to mention new stuff like that in any videos of come of their pertain to your vehicle a friend’s vehicle a family members vehicle you get notified. You may not have a problem the day but you will have a problem financially and when you do also you return back to me to see if I’ve got a video on it because odds are I might. Or at least I can answer the question hopefully for you. So with that thank you for always watch my video. And. Definitely stay tuned for more.

Toyota announced a recall of 3.4 million cars worldwide.

Toyota camryToyota announced of two separate review of cars, which will affect about 3.37 million vehicles around the world. About 2.87 million “Toyota” will go to repair because of the risk of fuel leakage. Review will touch the hybrid Prius, a compact hatchback Auris and Corolla family. Potentially defective cars were produced between 2006 and 2015.

Another 1.43 million vehicles will be withdrawn due to defective airbags of Takata company. They have bad blocks with gas filling, due to which the airbags can open with excessive force or work fast enough. The action will affect hybrid Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200, released from 2010 to 2012.

About Latest Reviews “Toyota” with Camry led headlights and defective airbags Takata was announced in late May. Then it was reported that the action would affect 1.6 million vehicles Toyota Corolla, Matrix, Yaris, 4Runner, Sienna, Scion xB, and the Lexus ES, GX, and the IS, which were issued from 2006 to 2011.

How to choose the good tires?

good tires
The good tires on the wheels of your car play a key role in an adhesion with the road surface. It is especially important that this adhesion is maintained on the wet roads and that covered with snow and ice. By choosing tires, you choose your road safety, so they must be qualitative and suitable for the season.

The unlucky motorists think that the purchase of tires from the famous manufacturer is just an overpayment for the brand. But it’s wrong. The tires of Michelin become famous all over the world due to their quality their and excellent performance. Michelin Company even produces the aircraft tires. To buy the tires from the famous brand means to confide in the manufacturer, who is already well-established on the market.

Seasonal replacement of the tires is not an invention of the sales managers. First of all, winter and summer tires are made of different material. Summer tires are made of a firmer material, and the winter ones- of a softer frost-resistant material. So, the use of unseasonal tires leads to the hardening and slipping of summer tires in winter conditions or an increased abrasion on the pavement of the soft winter tires.

Maintenance of VOLVO.

Maintenance of VOLVOEvery car owner knows that timely vehicle maintenance is the key to trouble-free operation. It is not only for new cars, but also for aged ones. However, it is worth remembering and that the maintenance of vehicles should take place exclusively at the service station, which are qualified to carry out those or other events.

Thus, maintenance of Volvo cars should be made either in the dealer centers or stations, which specialize in servicing cars of this brand, and received approval from the manufacturer.
During the service brake system verification of the effectiveness is made and determination of possible difference force between right and left wheels, and the presence and condition of all liquids. Furthermore, using the amplitude resonance measuring method spring and damper are checked. Also, do not go unheeded steering components, as well as toe-out on both axes. The main engine system is also checked, using mixture analyzer and opacimeter, the quality of their lights glow is also checked.