How to choose the good tires?

good tires
The good tires on the wheels of your car play a key role in an adhesion with the road surface. It is especially important that this adhesion is maintained on the wet roads and that covered with snow and ice. By choosing tires, you choose your road safety, so they must be qualitative and suitable for the season.

The unlucky motorists think that the purchase of tires from the famous manufacturer is just an overpayment for the brand. But it’s wrong. The tires of Michelin become famous all over the world due to their quality their and excellent performance. Michelin Company even produces the aircraft tires. To buy the tires from the famous brand means to confide in the manufacturer, who is already well-established on the market.

Seasonal replacement of the tires is not an invention of the sales managers. First of all, winter and summer tires are made of different material. Summer tires are made of a firmer material, and the winter ones- of a softer frost-resistant material. So, the use of unseasonal tires leads to the hardening and slipping of summer tires in winter conditions or an increased abrasion on the pavement of the soft winter tires.